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Making your dreams a reality

Founded in 2000, 101 Landscape and Design Inc. has rapidly grown to become a top tier landscaping service in the San Francisco Bay Area. What started off as a small, family- owned door-to-door service has since grown into a multi faceted landscape and design business. With over 20 years of experience, our dedicated team brings passion and skill to every project. We strongly believe in building positive, trusting relationships with all our clients and going the extra step to put you at ease.

We offer a wide variety of residential landscaping services, including 3D design, softscaping, artificial turf  and hardscaping. Our number one priority is understanding your needs and making sure your expectations are surpassed. We believe in being deeply collaborative and communicative, so you are never left out of the loop during all stages of the process. 

It is an honor to be trusted with your property, our dedicated team will ensure you can depend on us by providing consistent and quality work.

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